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Amazon Bestselling Author. The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards Finalist 2015. Reader’s Favorite Book Awards Finalist 2015

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The Palidine Series (Fantasy) Novels:

  1.                          Shield of the Palidine

                                Novel Writing Festival named this one of 2017's

                                best ADVENTURE novels!

                                What happens when you throw a spoiled               

                                French princess and a stinky peasant boy into

                                the world of Greek Mythology? Chaos, 

                                intrigue, adventure, and love.

Magic Thief of Gavalos

Because of Hestia's unspeakable betrayal,

Zeus unwittingly creates his own mortal

enemy, a French teenager, and sets the

path to his own destruction

Paranormal novel:

                                 The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched

                                  Amazon Best Seller!

                                  Branan Lachlan is transformed by the devil,

                                  betrayed by God, and made to battle demons

                                  with naught but his Scottish wit

Romance Novels:

Driven from her Irish home to the shores of
New York, Tressa must face not only the
demons of her past but somehow follow her

                                  Grays Hill  

                                  Oksana and Rafe mix like oil and water. Can she

                                  melt his hardened heart and breathe life back

                                  into him once again or will he stay on the

                                  sidelines forever?

Of Angels and Orphans
Orphaned Nate will do anything for his Angel
Audra. However, is he willing to become the
most wanted jewel thief in the kingdom for her?

Young Adult Romance Novels: 

                                 A poor little rich girl meets an orphan boy and

                                 their friendship soars. Mara tells the romantic

                                 yet realistic tale of an overweight, neglected,

                                 posh young girl who befriends a poor,

                                 courageous orphan and his three friends.

"Mara" is the clean, YA version of "Of Angels and Orphans"

Modern Romance (murder/mystery)

                                The Walled Cat

                                A house that whispers. A mummified cat. Two

                                bodies in the basement. A creep for a neighbor

                                and a murder mystery 70 years in the making.

Where Love and Adventure Lie

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