Book #3 in the Palidine Series, The Book of the Arionon. It is with the editor as of April - that will take about 3 months, then another 6-8 weeks to get it through the publishing process.


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From here you can get to all my books and projects. I want to build relationships with my readers so we can enjoy the journeys into our imaginations together. Let's read! 

Tressa named a finalist in the Book Viral 2017 Book Millennial Award

Shield of the Palidine named as one of the 2017 BEST adventure novels from around the world by Novel Writing Festival

          Shield of the Palidine named a finalist in the 2015

       Indie Excellence Book Award, Fantasy Division!
      Shield of the Palidine named a finalist in the 2015 Reader's Favorite Award, Romance-Fantasy/SciFi Division!
The Tiefling: Angel Kissed, Devil Touched is an Amazon BEST SELLER!
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Enjoy a taste of Scotland in the time of Macbeth. As Evelyn McCully put it: "The Tiefling was a wonderful story,

demons, love, "the light" all rolled into a fabulous adventure.

Where Love and Adventure Lie

YA news...

In 2019, I am revamping Of Angels and Orphans completely now. Morphing it from 3rd person omniscient to 3rd person limited (a POV I dislike immensely). Once done, I will make it the YA version, dump Mara, and rename to adult version. Wish me luck!

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Back to the romances! I have another historical romance that takes place in Sweden which is languishing...started a new one. Time is not on my side.


Amazon Bestselling Author. The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards Finalist 2015. Reader’s Favorite Book Awards Finalist 2015


Nothing is really new in 2019 so far. Had to find a new editor and writing is SLOW!